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Have you been Falsly Accused of Abuse? You Need to Fight the False Claim.










Do you need to defend a temporary restraining order? or Do you need to get a restraining order? We can help.

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Restraining Orders NJ - Fighting A False Restraining Order

The first step you should take is hire a competent, experienced, and aggressive lawyer. You have rights too, protect them.

Your lawyer should request a copy of any and all documents filed against you so you can determine exactly what they are saying you did. If you have been accused of spousal abuse, you only have a limited time until your court hearing, so it's important that you act quickly. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you only have only 10 days from the time you have been accused to find a lawyer, develop a strategy to fight the claims in court. Don’t let this short period of time overwhelm you. Find a good lawyer as soon as possible.

In addition to filing the proper paperwork, your attorney may need to hire an investigator to gather more facts about the incident, to uncover the truth.

You may also want to consider filing a restraining order against your partner or spouse. This will make certain that your partner plays by the same rules too. Neither of you will be allowed to contact the other party.

Anthony Carbone, PC has a great amount of experience in family law and matrimonial law. He has personally handled hundred of temporary restraining order in NJ, and permanent restraining orders in NJ successfully. He is so committed to men’s rights he even wrote a book called, “TheFather’s Rights Handbook”. If you need an aggressive, successful and relentless lawyer Anthony Carbone fits the profile. For a FREE consultation call The Law Office Of Anthony Carbone today at (201) 963-6000.

Anthony Carbone has been handling domestic abuse, temporary restraining order, permanent restraining order, family cases and matrimonial cases for over 26 years successfully. He works for all the good people of New Jersey including Hudson county: Elizabeth, Union, Jersey City, Hoboken Essex county: including Newark, Orange, West Orange, West Essex, Livingston

Make sure you seek the advise of an experienced restraining order lawyer.